Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning Friday

Last month I was rather disappointed that Tuesday Morning stores didn't get any new craft supplies in their big monthly sale. This month I got over it (and was kind of glad that they didn't have anything last month because I went a bit nuts this month). :) They put their craft items in the sale that started on Friday instead of Tuesday, which was great since I had to spend all day Tuesday in a boring review for work with no chance to go check out the new goodies. Friday I was off and had the whole day to play.

The selection this month was mostly tools, which meant a higher overall price tag, but I'll be using these items for years to come. Here's what I picked up.

This rotary cutter ($3.99) will probably see a lot more use for sewing rather than scrapbooking, but the Peas gave it such great reviews that I bought it and the ruler ($5.99) to go with it. The ruler is awesome- the cutter has a channel that fits over the edge of the ruler and keeps everything in line. Because, you know, I'm rotary cutter challenged. :) I also picked up a spare straight blade as well as the deckle and scallop blades (99 cents each).

I remember when these magnetic stamp sets from Making Memories came out. I really, really wanted one, but they were really pricey at Michaels. Tuesday Morning had them for $3.99 a set, though- wooohoo! The date stamp only goes up to 2009, but there are also individual numbers included that I can use to make any date I want. I foresee this set getting a lot of use.

Oh, my, there were punches everywhere! And not just any punches- these were Martha Stewart punches. I scored two border punches ($3.99 each). The snowflake one also embosses- too cool!

And all of the single punches were $2.99 each. A great deal since they sell for $9.99 at Michaels! I didn't get all of the shapes they had- I just picked up the ones that I thought I would get a lot of use out of.

I'm actually a little embarrassed that I bought so many. I'm sure I'll get over it. :)

The Peas had also been chattering about this awesome acrylic stamp set by Autumn Leaves ($14.99). I went to four Tuesday Morning stores in the area and only found this set at one of them, but I'm so glad I did!

Inside the box were all of these stamps (are those journaling stamps not the coolest?!?)...

And these stamps...

And this idea book, which alone retailed for $19.99. I loved the Designing With series by Autumn Leaves, and I didn't have this one yet. Lucky me!

Tim Holtz Grungeboard was another item I wanted when it was new, but refused to pay full price for. Luckily Tuesday morning got a ton of it in and sold it in sets of two packs for $7.99 a set. I bought three!

The alpha set is HUGE!!!!!

And I love these sets of elements and basic shapes. I always need more flourishes.

I was also tickled to find this embellishment set from Making Memories ($1.99). Several Peas posted that they found the Smitten line as well as Fa La La, but I wasn't lucky enough to come across one.

I found some Flair ($0.69) that I didn't see when they had it several months ago, and I was very happy to find this Fiskars flower punch ($5.99). It'll be great for making layered flower accents.

As I was checking out at one store the cashier told me that there will be a lot of craft items in the May sale, as well, and that the stores have already begun receiving the merchandise and putting it back in the stock room. I can't wait to see what they have next month!