Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keeping It Straight

How about a quick tip that will help you line up your titles perfectly every time by using a plastic ruler (but not in the way you may be thinking).

Instead of sticking your letters directly to the page, adhere just the tiniest part of the bottom edge to a cheap plastic ruler (mine was 20 cents at Wal-Mart). It'll help line all those letters up, and also save you from having to spell words backward just to make your title align with the right edge of a space.

Creative Memories used to sell a tool to do this (the Titletopia), but a ruler works just as well, as long as it's plastic.

When you have your title all lined up on the ruler, it's very easy to lay it on your scrapbook page and see how it will line up there. It's also much easier to shift it around using the ruler until you find a position you like (instead of having to move the actual letter stickers around the page).

Then you just press on the stickers to adhere them to the page...

and gently remove the ruler from the bottom edge (and then give that edge a little press to stick it down, too).

It works well for long subtitles, too. :)

And if you want to put your title on a curve, you might consider investing in an inexpensive set of french curve tools. Pretty much any office supply store should carry them. I bought mine at Michaels with a 40% off coupon.

If you want to see the full layout that this title was adhered to, just click here.


I also wanted to share this adorable digital paper pack that I picked up for $1 today over at It's on sale (along with several other items) for the rest of today only. Where else can you get 36 patterned papers (that's 162 megabytes of digital goodness) for only a buck? And I love the colors!