Saturday, April 17, 2010

Current TV Faves

For people who don't have cable (or a very strong antenna, even) we actually manage to watch a fair amount of television. We get all of our episodes either on DVD, through Netflix (a subcategory of "on DVD"), from my Dad's DVR, or streaming over Hulu. Lately we've been into these shows...

Burn Notice rocks. I really can't say more than that. :) The third season just wrapped up, and I can't wait for the fourth to start in June. I often joke that I have a Fiona complex. Darren says that's not true- Fiona has a Melissa complex. :)


Chuck is an awesome, feel-good action-comedy. A friend of mine at work clued me into it somewhere in the middle of the second season, so I picked up the first on DVD and we watched it from the beginning. It has great humor, great fun, and great music. If you grew up during the 80s (or are a geek), there are so many references and little jokes that are just so funny. Love it! Oh, and it has Adam Baldwin (from Firefly)- bonus!


Being the massive fans of Stargate that we are, it was only a matter of time before we got into Farscape. I'd never watched it when it was on originally, and I had to wait eons for the DVDs to be re-released for the 10th anniversary. Before that they were hard to find and expensive. The show is fun, cool, but sometimes freaky (like when they start pulling eyeballs out of sockets ::shudder::).


I decided to try Human Target on a whim after seeing an ad for it on Hulu. Sometimes the plots are thin, but the character development is superb and the fight scenes are well choreographed and shot (and normally in tight, enclosed spaces).


Lost. Need I say anything else? I got hooked on this show when I was sick one weekend (before I was diagnosed with CIU). We literally watched 12 episodes in 2 days. We're down to 5 left for the whole series, and there are still so many unanswered questions that it's not even funny!


I have my Dad to thank for getting me hooked on Castle. Nathan Fillion (also of Firefly fame) is perfect for this role, and the dialogue is quite witty.


Speaking of Firefly, it's played pretty often around here. Never mind that we've seen all the episodes almost three times- we never seem to get tired of them.


Dr. Who was one of my picks, and one of the reasons we signed up for Netflix since the DVDs are $60 a season. Ouch! We're only in the first season right now, so we haven't gotten to David Tenant yet (Darren insists, and probably rightly so, that the only reason I wanted to watch this show was for Tenant's hair), but Eccleston is great for the role, too.


Desperate Housewives is something I watch alone, and I still can't believe I actually like the show. I found it surfing Hulu one day and watched the whole first season in a week while I was working on a quilt. I'm now watching the second season via discs from Netflix, though we're mixing in Dr. Who and movie discs so it's going to take me a while to get through them.


So, there you have the shows that keep me entertained. What about you guys- what do you enjoy watching?