Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday Morning Update

I went by my local Tuesday Morning store on March 2 (their big monthly sale day for March) hoping to catch some of the same kinds of killer deals as I found on my previous trip, but sadly they didn't have anything new. :(

I'd found these paper pads the week before, though, and this weekend I had time to photograph and post them.

This Christmas pad was $2.99. The colors are more traditional than I usually use, but I love the foiled accents.

The colors in this autumn paper are so rich! It's totally not the season for me to use colors like this right now, but for $1.99 I figured I'd put it up until this fall.

This Boy Scout paper pad will be very useful when I finally get around to finished Darren's Eagle Scout album. It was also $1.99. The paper pad, not the album!

And I thought this was too cute!! For $1.99 I got a "Party in a Pad" set that came complete with punch out placecards, menus, table decorations, and napkin rings. How fun!

And while I bought this punch at Michael's and not Tuesday Morning, I thought I was an excellent purchase (on clearance for $4). It should come in handy when I make tags and signs for candy buffets.

While I was disappointed that I didn't find anything really new, it was probably a good thing for my budget. My funds are starting to run a little low since my last big purchase- I found a killer deal on a used Nikon D3 on Craigslist, and I jumped on it! I've been in heaven for the last two weeks with the FX detector and unreal ISO sensitivity. Squeee!!

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