Monday, March 29, 2010

My Project 365 Is Now Project 12!

About two weeks ago I finally admitted to myself that Project 365 is not happening for me this year. I love my album from last year and am so glad that I did it, but I'm just not feeling it this year. I even tried to dabble in digital scrapping a bit, thinking that would help spur me on in completing the album, but that didn't help, either (sorry, Jen- no dark side for me!). In the end I just couldn't find a layout that I liked, and I didn't want to just make the same type of album that I made last year. Plus, it was going to cost $70-$100 to have my digital book printed at the end of the year...and, dude, I can buy a lot of paper with $100!

It probably didn't help that at the beginning of the year I was completing my Journal Your Christmas album, I'm eyeballs deep in two online classes (and so far behind in one of them), and there's a daily card project that I wanted to start at the beginning of the year, but I was too busy and instead started on my birthday. Lots going on, right? Oh, and I want to participate in Ali's Week in the Life project in mid-April when she hosts it.

While I'm giving up on P365 for the year, though, I'm not giving up on some sort of yearly documentation project. That's where Project 12 comes in. It's a year-long documentation project hosted on the Scrapbook And Cards Today blog (the same people who bring you a fabulous free downloadable magazine every quarter), and each month they provide a sketch (by the fantabulous Becky Fleck) to use in documenting your month.

They've already posted the sketches for January, February, and March:




Aren't they totally awesome? I've already taken tons of photos so far this year (just not one every day), and am still committed to photographing more of the "little" and "everyday" things that happen. Having the backlog of photos that I'd intended to use for P365 means that choosing photos for P12 should be a breeze, and now I can quit beating myself up for not taking a photo of something every single day.

I'll be posting layouts here as I complete them...hopefully I'll get through January, February, and March in the next few weeks (once I dig myself out of my online classes...which I'm actually thoroughly enjoying). I think that between P12 and Ali's Week in the Life project next month (plus I plan to do Journal Your Christmas again this year...oh, and lots of regular scrapbook pages, too) I should have 2010's documentation well in hand. :)