Monday, March 22, 2010

More Goodies from Big Lots and Tuesday Morning

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I found a few goodies at Big Lots and Tuesday morning last week and thought I'd share them know, since I went to the trouble of taking pictures of them and all. :)

First up is this really cool (and HUGE) Cosmo Cricket kit from Tuesday morning. I'd seen the Coral and Dusty Blue versions of these about a month ago, but neither of them really interested me. Then Erika (the little enabler) just had to go and post on her blog that there was a Christmas version, too. The selection at my Tuesday Morning store has been a bit thin lately, but I was able to find one of them!

It came in this big box...

and was stuffed full of all kinds of goodies. There are two 8x8 mini albums in a slip case, tons of ribbons, brads, and embellishments, chipboard albums, stickers, and those two things in the back that look like sheets of paper? They're actually shrink wrapped blocks of paper and embellishments, each nearly an inch thick! and the price? $14.99. Yeah, I can handle that. :)

Big Lots had a surprising amount of new stuff after a long dry spell (I think my expectations were raised quite a bit by the mass of $2 Thickers they had last year).

They had lots of Heidi Grace chipboard alphas. The blue/brown set on the right is my favorite.

I think I may have let out a little sqeeee of excitement right there in the middle of the aisle when I found these black glitter Halloween Thickers.

And these little felt shapes were just too cute- love the dragonflies, and the $1.50 price is just right.

They had tons of Martha Stewart seals for $1.00 a pack, so I picked up a few of those, as well.

So, there you have it- my latest bargains. :) Have you guys found any great deals lately that you'd like to share?