Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday to Me!!

Yay!! So, today was my birthday and I'm officially 30 now- how cool is that?!?!? I had a day filled with awesome eCards from my parents and friends, plus emails and Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday. :)

I had to work today, but I made a little time at lunch to play. I went to Target just to pick up some snacks and got sucked in by all the Liberty of London stuff that I've been hearing so much about in the blogosphere lately. I managed to escape relatively unscathed and only picked up this hat and a binder that I plan on using for a project I'm starting tonight.

And then I went to my LSS in search of Little Yellow Bicycle's Lucky Me line. I have no idea how I missed this when it was first released, but it seems like every blog I've read this week is using it for some project. I've never really liked any St. Patrick's Day paper before this- it was all too cartoon-y for me- but this stuff is just gorgeous!!

My LSS only had two papers from the line, but luckily I was able to hop on 2Peas and order all but one of the patterns. Lucky Me! I can't wait for it to get here. Isn't it lovely?

Darren has been asking me for a week or so now to pick out a new light for our front porch. The one that we have now is pretty sad, so I finally settled on this one. I love the color, the lantern style, and the seeded glass. Plus it has a motion detector and timer. Sweet! We even have a gift card that should cover the cost, so hopefully he'll have time to purchase it and get it installed soon.

Whilst browsing blogs, I came across these cute free printable mini cards on Leo on the Loose.

And this cute digi kit was part of the One Buck Wednesday specials at Jessica I'd already bought a set of Vintage Cabinet Card Frames (the ones I've used on the photos in this post) and love that this one came with a couple more. Plus, those camera papers are just cool! For $1.00 you can't go wrong (though I think it's only on sale for another hour or so).

Lest you think that all I did at work was surf blogs, I'll assure you that I actually did very little of that. I had a very busy morning fixing software bugs, and then I was in a review all afternoon (until 6:30 pm, in fact). Somewhere near the beginning of the review I realized that I'd been in that exact same conference room all evening on my birthday last year as well, and at least four of the people who were in the meeting today were there last year as well. Luckily, this year I was not nearly so stressed. :)

After work, Darren took me out for sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant- Edo. They make the yummiest Ebi-Tem, and of course I also had to get smoked salmon and crab nigiri.

And then Darren gave me my gift, which he had wrapped in tactical webbing- totally fitting since he had bought me a scope for my rifle!! When I ordered it I'd opted to not get factory sites, so I've not had anything to properly aim it with until now. Maybe I can actually hit a target with this thing installed. :) And, yes, I'm very pro- second amendment.

After dinner it was back to the house to read all those wonderful eCards that the firewall at work blocks, and then we sat back and watched Lost on Hulu. And now I'm watching a rerun of Burn Notice while typing it all up. :) It was a fun day!


Kitschalicious said...

Happy 30th Birthday! I remember my 30th. I hated it, but only because I was 8 1/2 mos pregnant and it was the middle of August. Can you blame me? LOL! I'm glad you had a great day and the papers are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Here is an beautiful ecard for St. Patrick's Day.

- M

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday from germany!

mamasan said...

It seems like ages since I've been here, and I've truly missed it. I may just order a few of those beautiful papers. :-) So, so glad you had a wonderful birthday. Hopefully you will have more birthday happiness to come very soon.

Valerie said...

Happy belated birthday - love the Liberty hat!!!