Monday, March 15, 2010

Adding Some Jedi to the Scrap Room

I've been very slowly adding to the decor of my scrap room- I don't want to rush and just buy "anything" to put in there, you know? And I don't want to have a total "in your face" sci-fi theme going- more like a gentle, space-y vibe- so I'm going with small touches here and there.

I found these cuties at Anthropologie on clearance for $1.95 each. You can't beat that! And since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favorite books, of course I had to get a 42. :)

To add a little Star Wars to the space, I downloaded some high-resolution scans of my favorite Japanese Star Wars novel covers and printed them out in 5x7 on photo paper.

I so want to dress like Mara Jade...

I wanted them to stand out on their own against the wall without a frame or a border to help them, so I picked up these inexpensive (about $2.75 each with a coupon) clip frames at Michaels.

And because I needed a place to stick up ideas, tickets, and odd bits of life, I repurposed one of my old bulletin boards from college. I'd had this sitting in storage for a while and finally decided to take it apart, after photographing it of course. I carefully saved everything on it and will one day get around to putting it all in a scrapbook.

I'd also been meaning to paint this frame for a mirror for the bedroom for some time, so a couple of weekends ago when it was pretty (and not too windy) I carried everything outside and unloaded a couple of cans of white spray paint onto it.

It turns out that you can spray paint corkboard just fine. :)

And then Darren hung the whole grouping for me right over my desk. I love it! It's just the right touch of sci-fi, with one of my favorite Basic Grey ads thrown in for good measure. :)

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