Monday, February 8, 2010

Scrap Room Part 5: Scraps and Miscellaneous

Hello, and welcome back to my scrap room tour! Today we're covering the final segment- paper scraps and some miscellaneous items. If you missed any of the other parts of the tour and would like to catch up, click here.

I keep my all my solid and some of my patterned paper scraps stored in this wicker laundry basket from Michaels. I bought it eons ago (on sale for 40% off) and actually used it for laundry for quite a long while, so it's a great example of repurposing containers you may already have around the house.

Scraps are stored by color group in 2.5 gallon zip-top bags by Hefty. I bought mine at Target, but I think that Wal-Mart also carries them.

Some patterned scraps are kept out of the basket, though. This binder is full of scraps that I've stored together because they are all from the same paper line. I used to keep them in their own bags in the basket, but after a while there were so many of them that it was hard to go through them all. This solution is much, much easier.

I had a ton of extra page protectors left over when I switched from post-bound to d-ring albums (because my new albums came with tons of new protectors), so I used the leftovers to sort my scraps. Having all the scraps from a line together makes it a lot easier to find coordinating patterns if I want to make another layout or card from them.

We've been through the major parts of my scrap room- paper, tools, and embellishments, but what about all those miscellaneous things that pile up? Things like glues, paints, and ink pads have to live somewhere! I have mine stored in a three-tiered spinning organizer that I picked up at Wal-Mart in the craft department. I think it was $24 and was originally meant to hold acrylic paint bottles. I'm not very happy with the fact that it just lives on the floor right now, but I'm just not sure what else to do with it.

My stickles live in it, along with some jars of glitter that for some reason don't live in the bling basket. Don't ask me why- they just ended up here! :)

I also store all my paints, brushes, and paint trays here.

I never realized just how many different kinds of glue I had until I arranged them all in this organizer!!

I also store ink pads and rubber stamps here. I'm not a big stamper, but I do have a few things. I mostly use stamp pads for inking and distressing paper. Oh, and the couple of bottles of Glimmer Mist that I own also live here.

Before I wrap up the tour, I'd like to introduce you to my printer's home. I'd like to keep it on my desk, but it's a HUGE wide format monster and would take up a ton of my desk space. Instead, it lives under the bed. No, I'm not joking!! It's on a rug so I can easily slide it out when I want to print and then slide it right back into storage. My laptop is the only computer in the house set up to run with it, so I just plop the computer down on the bed when I want to print and hook the bad boy up!

I don't think I got to this when I did the desk tour, but I keep all my print media underneath the bottom shelf on one side of my desk. If you're curious, the other side holds a binder full of Stargate, Babylon 5, Farscape, and Firefly DVDs. :)

And that, folks, is it for my scrap room tour! I hope you've enjoyed it, or at least don't feel the need to send out men in white jackets to pick me up. :)

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Alyssa said...

Your room is amazing, Thanks for sharing!