Monday, February 1, 2010

Scrap Room Tour Part 4: Other Embellishments

It's time for Part 4 of my scrap room tour! Today's post will be a bit shorter than previous ones. If you've read all the others already, awesome and thank you! If not, you can find them (and some other entries on how I put the room together in the first place) here.

Thus far in the tour we've seen where I store my alphabets and my flat embellishments, but there's still the matter of all those more dimensional items (the ones that I find so difficult to use on pages, and yet I still seem to keep buying more). I keep those items, again sorted by color, in this stack of drawers that sits in the corner next to the bed.

I purchased the drawers at a couple of different places- Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. Both places carry the Sterilite brand, and they're specifically labeled saying that they accommodate 12x12 paper.

There is a drawer for each color- pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, black, white, and brown, plus a multicolor drawer on the bottom.

As I mentioned in a previous organizational post, several sets of alphas have made it into these drawers (see the gold glittered alphabet above). I really do need to find a better way to store these, but right now I'm kind of at a loss as to how. I've considered storing them by letter, but I think having the fonts all mixed up would drive me crazy- I'm kind of OCD like that. :)

Anyway, I just kind of threw anything and everything dimensional into these drawers- flowers, photo corners, book plates- you name it, there's probably one in here.

All the silver and grey stuff gets stored with black, gold is with yellow, and cream/off-white is with white.

The multicolor drawer mostly holds flower kits from an old Cafe Prima subscription. I could have split these into their own colors, but the kits coordinate so well that I decided to leave them together.

Tiny dimensional embellishments are stored in little bitty ziploc style bags from the jewelry section of the craft store. I put set of things like brads, charms, eyelets, and small alphas and words in bags, punch holes in the corners, and loop them onto binder rings. The rings themselves hang on the branches of this coffee mug tree from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Each ring is sorted by color (how else?), though each ring usually holds 2-3 colors. I've had my small embellishments this way for several years, and it's really worked well for me.

So there you go- another installment of my scrap room tour. :) Just one more to go!!


Nerissa Alford said...

May I share with you how brilliant you are? I have somehow missed the other posts on organizing & I'm headed to read those right now. Thanks for the ideas & inspiration.

Christine said...

I love how you store the embellishments in little ziplocs on binder rings on the coffee mug rack!