Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Life (365) Digital

And just like that, I think I've changed my mind. I'm not a digital scrapper, but I'm loving the look of Becky Higgins Project Life (Project 365) kit in digital format.

It's cleaner, and it's a lot smaller and a lot lighter. I love my 365 album from last year, but it's so huge and heavy! Plus it took a ton of time to put together (I think I complained about that earlier this month)- did I mention that I'm just now ordering my last batch of photo prints for last year? Yup, from October through the end of December.

My only hangup is the cost- it's $99 to have your book printed. I did a little checking, and if I were to get a 12x12 digital template kit to make my book on my own and then have it printed at Shutterfly, the cost would be about the same. The prints alone for my album last year were about $60!

I'm still considering the options, but 99% sure that I'm going to go a digital/photobook route for my 365 album this year. Until I decide, I'll just keep taking pictures and making notes so it will all be ready for me. :)

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Jen said...

So cool! I feel you being pulled to the dark side just a little more each day! ;D Seriously I didn't know she had a digital version of this. I don't really check up on it cause I'm doing my own version of it but glad to see they are including digital! ;D