Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How about another pink post? :) I still have cupcakes on the brain, so get ready for a virtual sugar rush!

I've been completely addicted to Cupcakes Take the Cake lately, and this blog has been posting some yummy looking Valentine's Day cupcakes left and right!

Flickr is just full of yummy V-Day cupcake goodness! Here are a few I added to my faves while surfing around...

1. 100_9567, 2. valentines cupcakes: sassy, 3. valentinescupcake1, 4. Say It With Love, 5. Flickr, will you be my valentine?, 6. Cupcake Love...45/365, 7. For You, 8. Gift of love, 9. gotta' whole lotta'..., 10. Adelanto San Valentin 2010, 11. 37/365, 12. 2008 Valentine (♥ Cupcakes ♥), 13. kisses and hugs, 14. Cupcake anyone?, 15. Elegant hearts, 16. valentine's cupcake, 17. happy valentine's day, 18. Love is the Compass of Life., 19. Valentines3, 20. Cupcakes, 21. happy valentine's day !!!, 22. valentines cupcakes: gussied up, 23. Be Mine, 24. Love is in the air !, 25. Pink cupcake, 26. Hearts a plenty, 27. Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Mascarpone Chocolate Mousse, 28. Valentine Cupcakes, 29. From New Jersey's Brown Sugar Cupcakery, 30. Valentine Cupcakes, 31. Cupcakes, 32. Yummy cupcakes, 33. A Rose is a Rose, 34. valentines day cupcakes, 35. Valentine's Day Cupcakes, 36. Hello Kitty Cupcakes (Close up)

Mmmm...makes me want to go bake and decorate some of my own!

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

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