Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glittered Valentine's Garland

I'm back today with another Valentine's Day garland that I stitched together (and once again the pieces are too far apart, but oh, well!).

This time I used these cute Valentine Circles from House of 3 as the basis for my project. The digital download is $4 and can be found here. (Just a note- that's not a referral link and I'm not making any money from the sale if you choose to buy from them.)

I printed the sheet out on photo paper to make the colors really pop, and then I punched each circle out. The beauty of these tags is that they're designed to work with a 2" circle punch (mine is by Fiskars). So easy!

For the backing, I cut these shapes using my Wishblade and the KutUps 09 font (found here). Mine are 2.75", though I think they might have looked better at 2.5".

I stitched each flower (don't attach the Valentine Circles yet!) into a chain, just like I did with last week's garland.

And then I attached the Valentine Circles (this way most of the stitching is hidden and doesn't run straight through the printed graphics.

Isn't that a monster box of Glue Dots? I love it! I used two dots on each circle.

And then centered a circle on each of the pink flowers.

Pretty, isn't it? But maybe a little plain. It needs some bling. :)

I adhered bling in the form of Martha Stewart "Tourmaline" glitter using Aleen's Tacky Glue. I love this stuff because a) glitter sticks to it really well and b) it's cheap and comes in a HUGE bottle.

Using a small, stiff brush I applied a thin layer of glue to the edge of a flower (don't worry about it being perfect- it's all good in the end) and then sprinkled glitter over the top of the glue.

I tapped the excess glitter off of the flower, then continued until all of the flowers had been sufficiently blingified. I don't know if that's a real word...I just made it up.

And then I hung my sparkly garland on the wall. :)

Fun, and just like the last garland, easy. Using the sewing machine to stitch through pieces instead of trying to thread them all on individually makes life so much easier, does it not?


Marlene said...

The garland is adorable....and I do think "blingified" qualifies as a word! :) I love Alene's tacky glue, too. I just recently discovered it, and am glad I did.

Tracy said...

Cute garland.
Love the glitter.

Tauni said...

Love the garland. Everything looks better with a little glitter, doesn't it? Cute.