Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get Your Geek On!

A couple of weekends ago my l'il bro (whaddup, J!) posted the following comment:
So I just scrolled through a couple pages (very nice creations you got there BTW) and noticed a certain lacking of the hair/geek variety, where is this so called scrappy "jedi" at :P
I read it, and then I hung my head in shame for a few minutes afterward. I realized that I have failed to be a proper sci-fi geek for the past couple of months. Apparently I've been in such a cupcake-induced sugar coma that I forgot that one of this blog's many purposes is to declare my love of (almost) all things Star Wars (I could do without Jar-Jar...) and to go googly-eyed over this guy's hair...

If you don't know who John Sheppard (played by Joe Flanigan) is, please go watch all of Stargate: Atlantis. And maybe SG-1, too...I promise I'll wait for you to come back. :)

See? Joe's waiting, too. :) He's very patient like that.

I think I can blame my lack of sci-fi posts not only on excessive amounts of frosting, but also on a serious lack of new Star Wars books. Luckily Backlash will be out in just a couple of weeks and I can get back to my (mostly) normal self.

In the meantime, I can amuse myself with this free downloadable eBook that just came out a few days ago- it's a short story and part 3 of a continuing series...

And with this very cool looking cover for Troy Denning's new Star Wars book, due out some time this fall. Hello, Han!

And also with more pictures of John Sheppard...

There's been some Stargate news, too. Michael Shanks revealed in an interview that there will most likely be no more SG-1 movies. ::sniff:: And I don't think we'll ever see an Atlantis movie, either.

I've been really missing Stargate- Universe just isn't cutting it for me. It takes itself way too seriously. SG-1 and Atlantis were both humorous and able to make fun of themselves in a way that Universe just can't.

I've got several other geek/sci-fi related posts I want to round up here. I'm not even going to pretend I can weave them into a single narrative at this point, though, so hold on for some quick context switching (and gratuitous Joe Flanigan photos). :)

A recent post on Club Jade covered the "history" of Star Wars novel covers since Zahn's Thrawn trilogy. I will admit to being a total Drew Struzan girl (if we're talking US covers- otherwise I totally go for the Japanese versions).

The International Space Station recently underwent some upgrades and now looks strangely like a TIE Fighter, complete with a cupola window.

Joe approves. Can't you tell?

I'll admit that I'm more than a little excited about Apple's newest product, the iPad. I'm not sure it's the "magical" device that Steve Jobs declared it to be, but as a reader/web surfer/emailer, it's awesome. One of my beefs with it is that the storage is not expandable. ZoomMediaPlus recently introduced the zoomIt, an SD card reader for the iPhone/iPod touch. If it also works with the iPad, then it's brilliant!

Yes, Joe, it's true!!

And finally, how about some geeky cupcakery? I love these Pac-Man cupcakes.

And this Space Invaders influenced pastry is one of a hundred cupcakes designed around various games. Cool, eh?

Joe definitely thinks so. :)

Pssssst!! J, is that enough hair for you?


Allie said...

Awesome post! I was drawn to your blog because of the fact that you love Star Wars and Crafts because Hey I love Star Wars and Crafts! I have not been a good geek lately either, although I do watch many reruns of Big Bang Theory where they talk about Star Wars and Stargate. Does that count? Lol. Have a great weekend.

Kitschalicious said...

My son would love you! Star Wars is his favorite, as I'm typing this, he is telling me he wants to see the Star Wars pics some more. Me on the other hand, I'm thinking Flanigan is a hotty too! I've never seen Stargate, but I see I could get hooked based off the star! LOL!

Rosalee said...

how appropriate posting Joe with cupcakes.........
**mind wanders**

Jon Stinson said...

lol, yeah, I think that's enough hair for now... I need to borrow some of your star wars books sometime, don't know if I ever finished the Children of the Jedi series

gypsyharper said...

I love your PacMan cupcakes! Also, can't go wrong with pictures of Joe Flanigan. Yum.