Sunday, February 7, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

I never, ever thought I'd be the least bit interested in digital scrapbooking. I just love physically playing with paper and glue and glitter too much to want to do it all on a computer. I used to vehemently say that I would never, ever be a digital scrapper...but I would always add the caveat "unless BasicGrey goes digital."

I thought that would never happen, so I was safe.

And then, a few weeks ago, it did! BasicGrey has released some of their retired lines as digital elements, and I'm thrilled to be able to buy papers (such as the Black Tie line) that haven't been available in the scrapbook store for years.

And now I'm reconsidering digital scrapping, though I know I won't be a totally digi chick. I've been mulling over the options over the last few weeks, and have figured out that I tend more to the hybrid side of digital scrapping (using the computer to generate part of the layout, and then printing that part and completing it traditionally).

For example, I would love to use Photoshop Elements to place my photos in pre-designed digital clusters like these

and then digitally layer the photo cluster over some digital paper, perhaps like this

and then print it out to the size I need for my physical scrapbook page, which would then be finished with traditional cardstock, patterned paper, and embellishments. I haven't tried it yet since I'm working my way out from under the current mound of unfinished projects, but I hope to give it a shot soon!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying browsing the vast amounts of digital supplies that are available. The two I linked to above are both from Designer Digitals, as are the photo overlays below. I used Ali's overlays on my Journal Your Christmas album this past year.

I picked up the paper pack (oooh, look, pink!) below for $1 at It was on sale during their weekly One Buck Wednesday promotion and is now back to its regular $3.99 price tag.

Of course I have to mention BasicGrey, since they got me interested in all of this in the first place. They've got a big selection of digital elements- paper, brushes, embellishments, and even blog templates!

Die Cuts with a View recently started offering some of their older (and I say older lightly, since I just bought some of these in paper last summer!) lines in digital format. Hopefully they will continue to add more, but I already see several old favorites in their store!

SEI is also now offering some of their back catalog in digital.

KI Memories has a bunch of their collections available for download, including some now retired Love, Elsie collections and paper packs that include Lace Cardstock!

And several of the newer/smaller paper manufacturers have been quicker to bring digital products to market, even including current lines!

Marks Paper Company is one such manufacturer.

I was quite excited to see that Webster's Pages offers pretty much their entire catalog in digital format. There are no stores near me that carry their designs, and every time I try to order online, everyone is sold out!

Prima sells a lot of their papers in digital format, as well. This is great, since there also aren't any stores around me that carry much of their paper (tons of their flowers, though).

I'm also intrigued by digital templates, like these by PageMaps. What, you didn't know that Becky Fleck offered layered templates of her monthly sketches? Yep! And they're only $6.50 for all ten of them (the sketches themselves are still free).

I could see myself using one of these and then shrinking it (for a 12x12) or just printing the whole thing and then mounting it on cardstock and finishing the layout using traditional supplies.

Right now I'm enjoying just learning more about digital scrapping- there are a lot of Photoshop techniques involved that I've wanted to learn for years. I've found some great sources for tutorials:

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Jen said...

Coming over to the "dark side" eh? Did you know on the dark side we have cookies as well? ;D Great post! It made me laugh seeing this on YOUR blog of all places!