Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Showers and Cupcake Towers

Last weekend I visited my parents, partly to chill out, and mostly to help Mom finish a cupcake tower for a baby shower for one of my cousins. Mom cut all the wrappers and designed the toppers before I arrived, and then I helped with assembly.

She and Dad were baking the cupcakes when I arrived on Friday night (with Chipotle in hand!). The frosting was homemade, and I finally got a chance to really practice some new cupcake frosting skills on Saturday morning before we rushed off to pick up gifts and get to the shower.

Isn't it just cute?!? Felicia is having a little girl, so the entire shower was decorated in pastels.

Such cute, tiny stuff!

And there were two really, really beautiful diaper cakes. Actually, calling them diaper cakes doesn't seem like enough- these were works of art!

I had the chance to visit with some family that I hadn't seen in a long time. I don't think I'd seen Allison since her wedding, and I can't believe little Jordan is 6 (or almost 6...).

Jordan was fascinated with the confetti.

And then she was such a good helper while Felicia opened her gifts.

Shelli (Jordan's Mom) was the gift recorder.

And then, in honor of the Olympics, Allison and Jordan practicing their synchronized cupcake eating. I give it a 9.9...Jordan is using the controversial two-handed grip. :)

I wish I'd taken photos of Saturday night. We spent pretty much the entire night on the couch watching the Olympics- everyone except my brother, who was working on homework for one of his college courses. We also exchanged Valentine's gifts- we usually get each other something small. Mom and Dad got me the cutest Martha Stewart edge punch, and Jon and Beth got me a mega huge bag of Twizzlers. :)

Sunday was much more low key. Dad and I spent a large amount of time on the couch watching Biathlon (I am such an Olympics junkie). Mom cut a border for my St. Patrick's Day quilt. All the blocks are assembled, but the quilt is just too small for my bed, so I bought enough fabric to make a wide border all the way around it.

And then Mom and I had a lot of fun sorting out all the paper that I've been buying from Tuesday Morning. We've got lots and lots of paper that will be great for making cupcake wrappers and toppers as well as cards now.

I drove home in the mid-afternoon so I could get back in time to set up the DVR to record more of the Olympics. I finally decided to get an HD antenna (we have no cable or satellite and until last weekend didn't even have an antenna- everything we watch is mostly on Hulu or Dad DVRs it for us), and Dad loaned me a converter box to use. The Replay hasn't recorded anything in a long time, but it's been working overtime the last week!

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