Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adding a Little Sparkle

You may have noticed this little party I have going on over the desk in my scrap room. It's a little something I cooked up last summer thanks to some inspiration from Design*Sponge, some paper lanterns from IKEA, tissue paper pom-poms from this Etsy shop, and some odds and ends from Party City.

The photo above is what it looked like just a week or two ago. I've always thought that it needed a little something to finish it off, and after blog surfing for several weeks and seeing white Christmas lights on everything, I had a serious duh moment and realized that was exactly what I needed to do over my desk, too!

See?!?! The lights just add the right amount of sparkle, don't they? I have to tell you that it was not easy to find white mini lights with white wires in February...luckily Hobby Lobby has some in the wedding section.

I'm sure I looked pretty hilarious hanging them. :) I used pushpins to hold the wires against the ceiling (no, I didn't push through the wires, just unbraided them a little and went between them), so I was standing on my desk with my head stuck in the middle of wads of tissue paper and big bouncy lanterns while putting everything in place.

Darren walked in at one point and asked if I wanted a power outlet in the ceiling so I wouldn't have to have an extension cord running down the wall. Ummm, yes, please? It's lovely having a house with a full-length attic. It helped with home theater wiring and will make it pretty easy for him to add the outlet for me when he has time. :)

Of course, now I've grown that single outlet install to a pair of them (one over the bed where there is another cluster of lanterns) and a wall switch to control, I don't ever make anything complicated, do I!?!??

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