Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday Morning Scrapbooking Finds

I found yet another amazingly cool round of clearanced scrappy goodness, this time thanks to Erika, who posted about Tuesday Morning's 69 cent Thickers on her blog last week.

I have a Tuesday Morning less than a mile from my house, but for some unexplained reason I almost never go there (I have a feeling that's about to change). As soon as I read her post, though, I high-tailed it to the store, and after a little digging I did indeed come up with some cheap Thickers!

Those weren't the only ones I bought- there was also a pack of green glittered alphas, but I've already used a ton of them on my Journal Your Christmas album. Ooops! I use Thickers like crazy, though.

While I was there I also happened across these babies- pack after pack of American Crafts Flair...

And some other American Crafts embellishments. Yup, you're reading those price tags right. They were all a mere 69 cents each- and usually $3 at regular price!

I also found an ink pad I've been looking for- it's by Autumn Leaves (which is now out of business, thus the difficulty in locating one) and is formulated specifically for acrylic stamps. And it was just 99 cent- woohoo!!

My biggest resolution for the new year (i.e., the one that's going to give me the most trouble) is to not buy so much and be content with what I have. I don't think that deals like these every once in a while are going to break the bank, though. :)

My other resolution is to work back up to running a 5K again after my knee surgeries, but I'm so motivated that I don't think that one is going to be a problem. :)

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Lexi said...

WOW!! WHAT A FIND!! I had read on 2 peas message board some people finding such great deals. I headed there last week and could only scrounge one pack of flair and 2 packs of the same chipboard house embellies. But still at 69 cents how can you beat that?! I plan to stalk more frequently myself ;)
HAve fun getting crafty with your new finds!!