Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Tuesday Morning Finds!

Hmm, maybe I should start a new series of posts called "Tuesday Morning Wednesdays"...except my last Tuesday Morning post was on a Thursday. So maybe the rule should be "Tuesday Morning Posts On Any Day But Tuesday." Or, if I wanted to say it in Java code:
if(day != "Tuesday")
BTW, that snippet of code is an example of what I do for a living- all day every work day. But enough being geeky, right? Let's get down to the find.

This time around I was super lucky to score several packs of 25 sheets of American Crafts paper for $1.99 each. What a steal! At regular prices these would have be $10-$12 or more. The only catch is that all 25 sheets are the same pattern, but that works well for me since I have plans for these babies that involve lots of cupcake wrappers, kind of like what I made for my Dad's birthday.

I love that they have a coordinating solid color on the back of the print- the insides of the wrappers will be as pretty as the outsides!

Not all the papers are from the same line, but a lot of them work well together anyway.

Last week my Tuesday Morning was closed all week for inventory. Waaaah!! I need to get back over there this week and see what new goodies they have in stock!

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