Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: Days 5, 6, and 7

Slowly but surely I'm getting all of my Journal Your Christmas pages completed and posted. If you missed any previous entries, you can find them by following the links below.
The assignment for Day 5 was to document our advent calendar or whatever method we use for counting down to Christmas. I don't use an advent calendar, but I think that my never-ending to-do lists definitely qualify as a countdown!

Oh, and, yes, I did mix up a couple of journaling strips there! Ooops!! I'll fix it in the album, but I'm leaving the photo as-is because it's pretty funny...and pretty telling. :)

On the back I put a photo of our surprise snowfall that morning. In hindsight I should have saved this photo for another day (the most unexpected event), but instead I just ended up using it twice. I'll remember that for next year!

Assignment 6 was to contrast two Christmases- one lovely and one not so lovely. I can't say that I've ever had an un-lovely Christmas, but I have had some that are more stressful than others. The front of day 6 is one of those Christmases- I'd been working TDY in Colorado for almost 6 months and arrived home on December 21st. No time for Christmas shopping or decorating. The only reason I had a tree is because I ordered a new pre-lit one and had it shipped to the house ahead of me. I didn't even get any ornaments on it that year. :(

The back of day 6 is a photo of my first Christmas tree in my first house when I was still in college. I'll admit that I have a terrible memory without photos to remind me of things, so I probably wouldn't even have remembered how much I loved this tree if I hadn't kept the picture.

Day 7's assignment was to document our Christmas shopping habits. I am now a total convert to online shopping- it's so much easier and less stressful to order things and let the big brown truck of happiness deliver them to my front door (not to mention usually less expensive)! The photo on the back is of a package that had been delivered to my front porch while I was away at work.

More to come later! I'm still working on this thing, but totally loving it!

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