Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: Days 26, 27, and 28

Would it be okay with you guys if I'm still posting JYC pages in March? :) Because at the rate I'm going it may be that long before I complete my album! I have all the pictures and know what I write, but since going back to work I'm having trouble with schedules and time management and just haven't been able to get the thing finished!

Anyway, here are days 26-28. If you missed any of the other days and want to catch up, check here.

Day 26- the Christmas aftermath. :) Mom and I hadn't been after Christmas shopping in a long time, so we had a fun morning out at Kohls and Target. I picked up my Christmas cards and some decorations and wrapping supplies for next year.

I love the dot pattern on this Hambly transparency, so I left it blank.

Day 27's assignment was about sleeping in, which was really funny because I'd been having trouble getting up early the whole time I was off work! Usually if I have a day off I'm up at something like 6:30 in the morning, ready to go, but not this time!

Maybe my comfy warm bed and snuggly down comforter had something to do with that.

Day 28- journal about something you've indulged in this Christmas season. For me, this was definitely peppermint bark. I picked up a bag of the Dove variety at Target on a whim one day and got totally hooked on it and Ghiradelli.

Mom and Dad gave me a bag of the stuff for Christmas, and I used part of the packaging on the back of the page

I hope you're enjoying these pages! There's definitely more to come...

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