Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I should be banned from Tuesday Morning...

...but then I would be sad. :( They closed for a week at the first of the year for inventory, and I was a little anxious even then!

After finding all that yummy American Crafts paper for $1.99 a pack, I was all ready to hunt for more (Mom wanted some, too), so I hit up a different store as soon as they opened again and hit the mother lode- more than 30 packs of gorgeous paper, most of which is destined to be made into cupcake wrappers or party decorations.

30 packs may seem like a bit much (and honestly it is), but a lot of it is for Mom, and we really do have plans for at least some of it. :)

So, would you like to see photos? I've done my best to split it up by line. Where there were only a couple of patterns from a line, I combined them together.

Whilst shopping, I came across some of the American Crafts "House" embellishments that the store closest to me didn't have. At 69 cents each I just couldn't pass them up!

Fun stuff! And, I think I really am done with shopping at Tuesday Morning for a while. There's always that pesky clearance aisle at Michaels, thought...

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