Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas- Organizing for Next Year

As I've been putting away the Christmas decorations over the last week and a half, I've tried to be mindful of how I will want to get them out next year.

In the past I've had boxes labeled "Christmas- Living Room" or just "Christmas." I probably have half a dozen such boxes right now, and this year it was a complete pain to go through them all to find the items I needed. I didn't get everything out this year, and some items (like my Christmas card holder) I really had to dig for.

I'm hoping that this box will be my solution for next year. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo- I actually took it in the attic!

These items (and several more have been added since) are in a box labeled "Christmas- Open First." In it are many of the new things I bought this year- a few new ornaments and pretty new hooks, next year's Christmas cards, new ribbons and package tie-ons to match the color scheme I've already picked out, stocking and Christmas card holders, the tree skirt, and several other items are gathered together for quick access. Theoretically, I can just get this box down along with the tree box and the ornament box and get about 80% of my decorating done quickly and without having to dig items out.

I also went through my Christmas wrapping paper stash while putting away this year's rolls (I have a bunch of wrap I've purchased at after Christmas sales over the years) and pulled out the rolls that will match next year's colors and put them on top of the pile (I keep them all in a huge rubbermaid trunk).

My goal next Christmas is to do a little more decorating than this past year (wow, it feels weird to say that about 2009!). I was still in moving mode when Christmas rolled around this time, but I'm hoping that next year will be more relaxed. I'd like to get my nutcracker collection out and put it on display! They are all nestled in their own labeled box, as are my Christmas lights. The Christmas dishes will make their way to their own box soon, as well.

How about you guys? Any tips for organizing Christmas or other holiday decorations? Is anyone else doing something similar in preparation for next year?

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mamasan said...

My plan is to do my best to copy your plan. :-) Great inspiration you are!