Thursday, January 28, 2010

And I thought I was organized!

Today I had meant to post my album for Shimelle's "This is Why I Scrapbook" contest, but it is soooo not even close to being done. As in, I've only done the cover and printed the pictures not close to being done. Urgh.

Since I don't feel like doing anything creative tonight (ever have one of those days?), I'll leave you instead with a photo of Nicole Balch's beautiful craft room. She's definitely got the Expedit-and-pretty-curtains combo going on- love that! Be sure to click through to her blog for more photos. It's awesome!

I'll be back some time tomorrow with Friday Favorites. And maybe this weekend I'll get that album done. If I feel like it...


Moe said...

this is off topic but have you seen these star wars papers?

I saw them in my LSS newsletter and thought of you. I don't know who makes them though
thanks for inspiring me with you scraproom tour

Moe said...

Look what I found Star wars paper. I thought of you as soon as I seen it.

Moe said...

Sorry I did not realize that you approve them so I reposted the last comment, I thought I forgot to hit publish before closing my windows yesterday.