Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Year in Review

Making a year-end review post was harder than I thought it would be! I took literally thousands of photos this year, and in the end I picked 72 of them (enough to make two 36 photo collages, if you're wondering about the reasoning behind the number). I'm sure I've left someone or something important out, so please forgive me in advance.

With that said, let's launch into it! In chronological order, we have...

Painting the living room at the old house. Replacing a (badly) crashed server. UAH hockey games. Helping Mom organize her scrapbook space. Getting waaay too into Lost. Tiling floors in Pearlington. Being up at 3 in the morning on prednisone for my allergies. Getting the house in Flintville ready to list with a realtor. Surprise snow in March. Flowering trees about ten days later. Sushi (and a new iPod!) for my birthday. Working long, long hours on IBCS. Christmas in March when J came home on leave from Iraq. Cherry blossom festival in D.C. Whirlwind trip through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. New Star Wars book series. Taking flower pictures outside with Dad. This can pretty much be repeated for every month :). Finally finishing the IBCS demo. Watching things bloom throughout the spring at home. Going with Beth to see Juice at the Hard Dock. Jake's birthday. Mothers' Day. Mom's birthday with yummy cupcakes. Getting rear ended (again, at the same intersection). Picking up a random turtle out of the parking lot at work and taking it home. Moving back into the house in Huntsville and doing lots of remodeling. Renovating the rental house. Joining the UAH gym and training for a triathlon. Code monkey goes to Boston (twice). Running my first distance race ever. Fathers' Day. Seeing Transformers on the IMAX. Running my first 5K ever and placing first in my division. Fourth of July with Dad grilling out. J and Beth's new property.

Independence Day fireworks photos from the front porch (in the rain). Mike's pool party birthday. Going with Darren to see Juice at Bridge Street. The Bridge Street farmers' market. Crazy one day trip to IKEA for my Expedit. Eating at Chipotle whenever I was anywhere near one. Family cruise vacation. Did I mention the cruise? Getting into some sports photography. Knee surgery. Elyse's birthday. Introducing Mom and Dad to Bridge Street. Michelle's birthday. Totally loving Chuck. Lots and lots of physical therapy. Falling in love with kayaking. Knee surgery again. Mom coming to help out and planting pansies and bulbs. Carving cool Halloween pumpkins. Like this crazy 1Up mushroom. Finally getting an iPhone. Dad's birthday. And the cupcake tower I made for it. Taking fall leaf photos with Dad. Darren's birthday. Walking through the Galaxy of Lights. Thanksgiving Part 1. Thanksgiving Part 2. Frosty leaves in the front yard. Snow just a few days later. Going back to Taekwondo. Christmas photography at Bridge Street. Jon's birthday. Decorating for Christmas. Christmas Eve at Willowbrook. A trunk load of presents on Christmas day.

Whew! I'm tired just reading all that!!

2009, you were awesome. Here's to an even better 2010!

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