Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Favorites- More CHA!

Today's edition of Friday Favorites is going to be extra long. Not only do I have my favorite project from blogland to share this week, but I also have the rest of my CHA favorites to share as well!

I found a ton of cute mini albums this week, including this finished Fall themed album by Elise Blaha. I love this when she was putting it together, and I love it more now that it's finished. I definitely need to make one of my own for Spring.

This beautiful mini from the Prima blog uses lots of their product packaging as bases for the pages.

This layered mini from Cote Scrap is just plain fun!

This mini album from Made in Brooklyn is covered in old dictionary pages. I have a ton of pages from old Star Wars books that I could use in much the same way- I'm going to have to try that out.

It's no secret that I have a serious thing for garlands and bunting right now. This mini heart garland was found on A Field Journal, complete with a tutorial!

Speaking of tutorials, here's one on how to make this adorable pom-pom garland (including how to make the pom poms!).

Crystal at Scrapper Mom wrote a short how-to on putting your own kits together- a great stash-shopping alternative to joining a kit club. I've done this in the past and had a lot of fun with the results. I'll have to try it again soon!

Last week I posted some DIY business cards, and this week I found a bunch more to share here. The ones below are my favorites from the bunch.

I love this cute tutorial on making a faux Polaroid frame from scrapbook paper. I've been a little obsessed with Polaroids lately (I wish I had the nerve to buy one of the cameras), so this is a great way to make my own.

Leave it to Ali Edwards to make the already awesome Project Life kit look even better. I love the touches she adds like the receipts and tickets and pieces of everyday life.

And now for my CHA favorites. :)

How awesome are these peacock transparencies from Hambly?!?! I'm going to have to order some of them in addition to the cupcake prints from last Friday.

Two of the lines from Webster's Pages are must-haves for me. I hope that they come out with the digital versions soon like they've done with all their other lines.

And, finally American Crafts has come out with divided page protectors to fit their 3-ring albums.

That's it for this week! Next week should be a good bit shorter without the new CHA goodies rolling it.

Have a scrappy weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And I thought I was organized!

Today I had meant to post my album for Shimelle's "This is Why I Scrapbook" contest, but it is soooo not even close to being done. As in, I've only done the cover and printed the pictures not close to being done. Urgh.

Since I don't feel like doing anything creative tonight (ever have one of those days?), I'll leave you instead with a photo of Nicole Balch's beautiful craft room. She's definitely got the Expedit-and-pretty-curtains combo going on- love that! Be sure to click through to her blog for more photos. It's awesome!

I'll be back some time tomorrow with Friday Favorites. And maybe this weekend I'll get that album done. If I feel like it...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I should be banned from Tuesday Morning...

...but then I would be sad. :( They closed for a week at the first of the year for inventory, and I was a little anxious even then!

After finding all that yummy American Crafts paper for $1.99 a pack, I was all ready to hunt for more (Mom wanted some, too), so I hit up a different store as soon as they opened again and hit the mother lode- more than 30 packs of gorgeous paper, most of which is destined to be made into cupcake wrappers or party decorations.

30 packs may seem like a bit much (and honestly it is), but a lot of it is for Mom, and we really do have plans for at least some of it. :)

So, would you like to see photos? I've done my best to split it up by line. Where there were only a couple of patterns from a line, I combined them together.

Whilst shopping, I came across some of the American Crafts "House" embellishments that the store closest to me didn't have. At 69 cents each I just couldn't pass them up!

Fun stuff! And, I think I really am done with shopping at Tuesday Morning for a while. There's always that pesky clearance aisle at Michaels, thought...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: Days 26, 27, and 28

Would it be okay with you guys if I'm still posting JYC pages in March? :) Because at the rate I'm going it may be that long before I complete my album! I have all the pictures and know what I write, but since going back to work I'm having trouble with schedules and time management and just haven't been able to get the thing finished!

Anyway, here are days 26-28. If you missed any of the other days and want to catch up, check here.

Day 26- the Christmas aftermath. :) Mom and I hadn't been after Christmas shopping in a long time, so we had a fun morning out at Kohls and Target. I picked up my Christmas cards and some decorations and wrapping supplies for next year.

I love the dot pattern on this Hambly transparency, so I left it blank.

Day 27's assignment was about sleeping in, which was really funny because I'd been having trouble getting up early the whole time I was off work! Usually if I have a day off I'm up at something like 6:30 in the morning, ready to go, but not this time!

Maybe my comfy warm bed and snuggly down comforter had something to do with that.

Day 28- journal about something you've indulged in this Christmas season. For me, this was definitely peppermint bark. I picked up a bag of the Dove variety at Target on a whim one day and got totally hooked on it and Ghiradelli.

Mom and Dad gave me a bag of the stuff for Christmas, and I used part of the packaging on the back of the page

I hope you're enjoying these pages! There's definitely more to come...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scrap Room Tour Part 3: Mini Albums, Kits, Seasonal, and Projects in Progress

Welcome back for the third installment of my big scrap room tour! If you missed the first two parts you can check them out here.

Today I'm going to walk you through my solution for storing mini album supplies, some seasonal items, and most importantly page kits and works in progress.

The bookshelf below houses all the items mentioned (plus a few more things) and sits on the wall between the bed and the Expedit. The curtain covering it is the same type of curtain I have on my window (clearanced shower curtains from Anthropologie). I sewed a rod pocket in it (plus I needed to take up a little extra length) and then put a tension rod through that. It works well to hide the mess, plus it can be easily pulled aside or even removed when needed.

I keep the bookshelf covered because it's not the neatest part of the room- all those boxes and a few little piles of things actually make it look pretty cluttered. There is definitely a method to the madness here, so let's take it shelf by shelf (just like the Expedit tour), shall we?

I keep these pretty photo sorters on the very top of the shelf. Mom and Dad bought them for me for Christmas many years ago. Michaels used to carry them, though I haven't seen them there in a long time.

I'm afraid that the next shelf down is not very organized at all. It's where I just kind of throw stuff that I don't know what else to do with. The only exception to that is my large Fiskars trimmer. It only lives up here because it's really big and doesn't fit anywhere else.

The next shelf down actually has some room for expansion, proving that my room is not completely stuffed to the gills. :) Here I've stored some page kits in big 2.5 gallon Hefty zip top bags. Normally these would be in 12x12 Iris boxes like the other page kits, but I kind of, ummm, ran out of them. (blush)

There are two 12x12 Iris boxes on this shelf. One holds scraps and items that need to be put away. Inevitably when I come home from a crop with a stack of completed pages, I also end up with a partial box full of paper scraps and leftovers from my page kits. They sit in this box until I get around to putting them away.

The other box holds supplies for my most current project. In this case, it's holding all the stuff for my Journal Your Christmas album.

The next shelf down holds more boxes of page kits and also past kits from kit clubs.

Kit club kits, like this one from Scarlet Lime, are stored several to a box, each in its own bag.

There are also kits that I've made myself from my stash, like these that were the result of the Color Creative class I took online last summer at GotCrafts.

And there are also boxes of single page kits that I've put together. I could (and probably will) do an entire post on how I put together page kits, but in a nutshell I start with a sketch and photos (which I have cropped and printed to size), then choose paper and embellishments to go along with them. Kits get stacked in 12x12 boxes with sheets of cardstock between them. They make it super easy to just pick up a box and go to a crop.

I didn't get a full picture of the next shelf down, but it's basically just more page kits with only a couple of new things thrown in.

There are boxes here for seasonal embellishments. I only use these on certain projects, and it's much easier if they are all in one place. Christmas items are here.

And Halloween ones here.

Also on this shelf are some bigger kits- these are for entire albums, like this one for a cruise that Darren and I took in 2004. Yes, I really am working on photos from that far back still! The entire album is coordinated, so I'll keep everything together here until it's finished. (Note to self: finish this album soon!)

This is another "album kit" for some of Darren's mission trip photos.

The very bottom shelf holds an assortment of miscellaneous albums, some collections of memorabilia waiting to be placed in a scrapbook, and also some empty organizers. It also contains boxes of mini album supplies and page protectors.

Mini album supplies, including some complete blank albums and supplies to make my own albums are stored in three different boxes. There's no rhyme or reason, it's just all kind of thrown together.

The page protectors in this box are divided and/or odd sized ones that I don't use very often. I bought most of these on clearance at Archivers a long time ago.

And that's the end of Part 3 of the scrap room tour! Judging by the number of photos I have left, there will be two more posts. Hopefully I will have them both up next week. :)

I'm linking this to Get Your Craft On day over at Today's Creative. Click the banner below to see what everyone else has been working on!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The peeks I've been waiting for- BasicGrey is here!

Squeee!! BasicGrey released sneaks of all five of their new lines for CHA winter yesterday. I need to see what all the papers look like before I decide, but I'm loving the looks of at least four of the lines! Green at Heart is so bright, and Capella looks like Black Tie, but a little lighter and with touches of brown. I'm still on the fence about Max and Whiskers- if it's not too pet-themed I might like it. :)