Monday, December 28, 2009

Project 365 - 2010

After much consideration, though, and a little whining at myself, I have decided to do Project 365 again this year.

Yes, it was a pain to remember to take a photo every day (I have more "makeup" days than I'd care to admit).

Yes, it did take a lot of time to put the album together.

Yes, the photo printing was a little pricey!

I love my album now that it's almost finished, though, and at this point I can't imagine not doing it next year. I love that my entire year is captured in that one book. I love that I took pictures of so many things that I might not have otherwise recorded. And I love that my photography skills grew (only just a little bit) in this past year.

That is a page from my book, representing one week of this year. :)

I plan on using the same format as last year, mostly because I still have two packages of the page protectors and an extra album already in the scrap room. I'm going to do the journaling cards as straight 4x6 cards, this year, instead of assembling them from two 3x4 pieces (that took a TON of time!). I'll be making the "Week Of" cards using my massive stash of scraps that I really do need to go through. Hopefully I'll have some photos of it to share shortly after the first of the year.

If you plan on participating this year, but making your own kit is not your thing, you might check out one of these options:

Becky Higgins (who started this craze with scrapbookers last year when she released her Project 365 kit) is back with a brand new Project Life kit this year.

MemoryWorks is releasing their own line for the project in January. I'm totally digging the grungy graph paper look!

And, if you don't want to scrap the project at all, you might want to check out the Project 365 iPhone app. Just snap a photo a day with your iPhone and the app will help you organize and browse your photos. Too cool!


{pam} said...

i wanted to let you know of another similar type project if 365 seems overwhelming. it is called project 12. the concept is similar but works for those of us who (like me) couldn't get it together for a daily project. check it out:

Detroit Girl said...

OH MY, thanks for the heads up on the iPhone app! I love my iPhone and always thought this type of app would be perfect! I downloaded it today and shared the link with my other iPhone scrapper friends! :)