Monday, December 14, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - December 3 & 4

I'm still waaaaay behind on my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily entries. I have the photos for days 5&6 either printed or ready to print, so hopefully I will get those pages put together tonight and posted later this week. I'm keeping up with taking photos/gathering ideas for entries and hope to put a bunch of pages together starting this Friday when my Christmas vacation starts!

Day 3 was all about Christmas cards. I included photos I took while I was assembling the cards I made this year (I'll try to post all about that tomorrow) as well as one of the actual cards on the back of the page.

Day 4 was supposed to be about your perfect Christmas. I wrote about how I was not going to kill myself trying to put together my perfect Christmas and just enjoy whatever I actually had time to get done. The photo for the day is my Flickr mosaic from a few days ago.

1 comment:

mamasan said...

It's looking so good! So Pretty!

I agree totally with your perspective towards perfection...

Your sugar cookies come so close though!!