Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Journal Your Christmas: Days 20, 21, and 22

Nope, that's not a typo up there- I am actually posting days 20-22 now, even though I have only previously posted days 1-4. Here's what happened- life. Yes, life happened. I got really busy with work and home and Christmas prep and missed a few (okay, a bunch) of my scrapping days. I took pictures and noted what I wanted to put on the pages, but they just didn't get assembled. When I finally got off work for Christmas holiday, I decided to pick up in the middle and scrap each prompt on the day it came and go back and fill in the rest as I have time. I've actually made up a bunch of pages since then, but since I already have these photographed, I'm starting here. I'll post the others as I have time.

If you want to see my previous JYC pages, look here and here. :)

Day 20 was to document the unexpected that has happened this Christmas season. Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with something for this one, but then I remembered the morning that Darren woke me up and had me look out the window because it had snowed. Now *that* is rather unexpected here in the south!

Day 21's assignment was to journal about what your current holiday preparations looked like and take photos of everything just as it was that day. I can safely post this now- before Christmas that pile of gifts waiting to be wrapped might have spoiled a few people's surprises!

I love that photo of the strand of beads that the cats had started to pull off the tree. That's so typical around here- they get into everything!

Day 22's journaling was my remaining to-do list. I thought it was blissfully short until I actually started wrapping the gifts. I spent 3 hours, and Darren worked with me for an hour and a half of that! They looked so pretty under the tree, though. :)

I've been loving the Starbucks paraphernalia that my fellow JYC classmates have been using in their albums, so I stuck a bit in mine, as well. So festive!

I'll post more pages as I complete them and get them photographed. I finished 5 more this morning! I think I will take tomorrow as a sewing day, though- I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off of work and it will be over all too soon.

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Jen said...

Looks great! Love the pink paper. I'm loving pink for Christmas more and more. ;D