Monday, November 23, 2009

The Last Few Weeks in Geek

I've been a very happy little geekling for the last little while. Want to see what's been keeping me smiling?

Probably the biggest news for me in the tech world lately has been Amazon's release of a Kindle reader for the PC! Now I can download and read books on either my iPhone or my computer.

Unfortunately, the first book I was really, really looking forward to buying on it was the upcoming Star Wars book- Backlash- which has been delayed a month from its original March 2010 release. (sniff)

I guess I will just have to console myself in March with the release of Scarecrow and Mrs. King's first season to DVD. FINALLY!!! I loved this show when I was in school. I remember two things about it. First, when I was younger, one day the station that it aired on was out because of a satellite switchover. I remember very clearly calling the cable office very concerned because I was missing my show. Second, I was watching an episode- "All That Glitters" I think- on 9/11 when my Mom called to tell me about the attack on the World Trade Center. I had just moved into my first house and had recorded it off cable and was watching it on tape between classes (which is why I didn't learn the news when it broke on live TV).

I love this totally spiffy Stormtrooper iPhone cover from the Star Wars shop.

Speaking of Star Wars, check out this awesome halftime show by the Penn State Marching Band. They cover Batman, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and a couple other movies, all in 10 minutes!

Or maybe an R2-D2 mailbox in Iraq?

And, not to digress, but did you know that Chuck Norris is a Jedi Master?

And if one video isn't enough for this post, how about Nathan Fillion reprising his role as Malcolm Reynolds, just one last time?

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mamasan said...

Geekling, So, life is a never-ending box of treats? :-) Good to hear. And what cool treats they seem. I, too, enjoyed Nathan in that get-up. That show has turned into a sweet treat itself. He is a dialog master for sure. Stana, also. Tried to watch the Penn State video. I bet it was super cool in person.