Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knee Surgery Redux

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I needed to have another knee surgery, but I realized that I never posted the results! I was not happy about it at all (in fact, the news triggered one whopper of a shopping trip to Anthropologie), but since I only had a week between when it was scheduled and when it happened I didn't have a lot of time to mope about it (but, believe me, I moped about it as much as possible during that week).

This one was not nearly as invasive as the last, but they still had to go through the process of knocking me out (ugh). So, here I am all ready for the happy juice. :) Please excuse the obnoxiously messy hair. I do not handle IVs well at all, and I'd just had mine put in.

I think I was under for a grand total of about 20 minutes (not counting all the funky waking up afterward parts, during which I apparently wake up and continually repeat what I said the last time I woke up), and since it was outpatient I got to go home right away. I was also walking much more quickly this time (thank goodness- sitting on my rear end does not agree with me. I was about to go nuts last time!).

Mom came to stay for a couple of days and help out with a few things. We went shopping (can you say Martha Stewart glitter?) and I showed her the new Wii Fit Plus game (I didn't participate) and my new weighted hula-hoop (okay, I did do that one).

She also worked on the planter in front of my living room window. It was in sad shape and needed about five bags of potting soil (which she carried up the stairs by herself- amazing!) and some new plants. She brought me a bunch of pansies to fill it up. :)

The pansies are now blooming beautifully in the planter. I love growing things in the winter. :)

I'm in physical therapy for another couple of weeks now. It was going well the first two weeks, but now my leg refuses to straighten out. I'm really hoping that this is something that will work itself out over time and not require yet another surgery. I think I might have to hurt someone if that happens!

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mamasan said...

Oh, My, Goodness! somebody needs some new gardening attire!! And a hair cut! LOL, At least the pansies are bright and colorful for the effort!

So, so, sorry about your knee. Maybe it just needs some additional healing...thinking positive thoughts, positive thoughts...