Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Comfortably Unfashionable" Mini Album

Sometimes I just get the urge to make something and play with pretty paper and stickers with no real rhyme or reason. I think Elise Blaha once referred to it as "gluing without an agenda."

A couple of weeks ago I did just that- I sat down one night after work with no agenda, some gorgeous Amy Butler paper, a couple of clothing catalogs from J. Crew and Anthropologie, and a few sheets of chipboard (which were actually the backs of some other paper pads) and went to town.

This is the mini album that came together that night- all about the clothes I do and don't like to wear.

I remembered thinking as I flipped through the catalogs that so many of the clothes, while very pretty, were just not my style and I would never, ever wear them. Things like that ruffly pink shirt and the heavily accessorized sweater are not even attractive to me.

This is really more my style- comfy khakis...

Well-worn t-shirts (even better if they have that I've-worn-it-a-hundred-times softness right off the rack from the store)...

And maybe a sweater layered over it all during the winter, just to keep the chill away.

The whole album took just a few hours over the course of two evenings to put together. Is it absolute fluff? Absolutely. Is it pretty to look at? Definitely. Did I put it together just because I wanted to tape down some paper, play with paint, and try out my new Corner Chomper? You bet!

But I say that doesn't make it any less worthwhile. Make what you want, when you want, and because it makes you happy. No other reason matters. :)

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