Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, no, she didn't!! (December Daily)

Okay, so she did, and it's actually pretty cool! I've been looking forward to it since she first hinted about it in June.

Ali Edwards has started her December Daily posts for 2009 on her blog! If you've never seen one of her December Daily albums, check out her posts from 2008. My own December Daily is on my blog here (the last post in my series, which links back to all the other posts).

Step one is to gather your supplies. Since she'd already posted about it in June, I started getting prepared then. When I moved my scrap room to the new/old house and reorganized my entire scrap space, I made sure to put all my Christmas items together (I put all the Halloween items together for good measure, as well...hmmm, October Daily next year, maybe?). The paper is all together in its own Cropper Hopper, and the embellishments are all together in an Iris case. Easy peasy.

The two items I hadn't settled on before today were an album and a numbering system.

The album turned out to be an easy choice. I'm going with an 8x8 American Crafts D-Ring album in Chocolate. I briefly considered red, but I am so not a red person and Michaels (where the albums are 40% off this week) didn't have them in green. Last year I made my album with an acrylic cover, and about two months ago it fell off the shelf I store it on and cracked the cover. :( Because of this incident I a) purchased a basket to put all my mini albums in to keep them from falling again and b) won't be doing acrylic covers this year.

For a numbering system, I'm going to go with Ali's 25 Days of December digital overlays from Designer Digitals.

I think my plan is to do either a single photo or a collage of photos from each day and print it with the overlay frame surrounding it. I'm going to use the same loose framework for each page, but I want to use different sizes/types of pages like I did last year so I won't have a hard and fast sketch to follow. I also expect to make use of all those border punches I've been stocking up on over the past year.

As a last little touch, I want to make some of my own embellishments like these from Evalicious, but in a Christmas theme.

I think if I make my embellishments beforehand it will narrow down the choices significantly while I'm making the album and also hopefully give it a unified look across the different pages.

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