Saturday, October 24, 2009

My New iPhone + Kindle Coming to PC

Ask anyone who has known me for any length of time and they'll confirm that I'm a total techy gadget geek (I'm an engineer by trade, so I think it just comes with the territory).

The Amazon Kindle has intrigued me since the day it was released. I LOVE to read and have stacks of books in several rooms of the house, but since we downsized our living space in June (and are loving every minute of it) space is going to eventually become an issue. Plus, books can be kinda bulky and heavy to carry around, especially with as much travel as I used to do for work (and would not mind doing again one day).

What's held me back from buying a Kindle thus far is partly the price and partly not wanting yet another gadget to carry around in my purse. It's already full of two cell phones, an iPod Classic, my GPS, a small point and shoot camera, and an Archos video player along with my wallet and a water bottle. It definitely does not need to have to hold anything else!

Enter my newest purchase this week- the iPhone (hang with me, I promise we'll get back to the Kindle).

I had resisted buying an iPhone since they came out, not because of anything against Apple (I love all things Mac, after all), but because I just wasn't sure about that touch screen keyboard. I had played with one briefly in Best Buy and just couldn't get the hang of it and preferred the physical keyboard on my Tilt.

So Wednesday morning I was at physical therapy talking to a couple of the employees (who also love all things Mac) about their iPhones and happened to mention my hangups with the keyboard. That's when they told me the thing that convinced me. Apple had added a landscape keyboard to the iPhone, and when I saw that the keys were pretty much the same size as the ones on my Tilt (not to mention that I was due for an upgrade with AT&T anyway and had wanted a thinner phone), I was sold.

I made an appointment with an iPhone personal shopper at the Apple Store down the street from work and in 25 minutes over lunch had purchased my phone, had it activated, and been given a short course in how to work with it. When I told my Dad a couple of days later that I had purchased it, he said he was surprised because I'd never even talked about wanting one. I told him that until about three hours before I bought it, I didn't know, either! :)

This is where the Kindle comes back into play (glad you're still hanging in there with me!). Amazon has a great Kindle App for the iPhone (and it's free!), and as a test I've downloaded a few of the free eBooks that are available and enjoy reading them. I'm just not sure I want to read every new book I purchase on my phone.
And then Thursday (along with the Windows 7 launch), Amazon did something that nearly had me jumping around happy in my cube. They announced that Kindle software for the PC will be released later this year.

My last hangup with Kindle books finally has a solution, and I foresee a lot more digital books in my future. And the really cool thing? Whether I read the book on my iPhone or PC (well, Windows in VMWare Fusion on my Mac), the Kindle application will sync my current page between the two, sort of like a digital bookmark. I'll be able to switch from one to the other pretty much seamlessly. How cool is that?!?

Okay, enough techy ramblings. Time for me to go make breakfast. :)


Jen Martakis said...

I too love gadgets! I want a kindle but I don't read as often as I used to....maybe a kindle would fix that... ;)

Jen Martakis said...

I too love gadgets! I would love a kindle but I don't know if I'll use it enough to justify the purchase. Enjoy!