Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michelle's Birthday

I've had this post in the queue half-finished for what seems like forever. Time to let it see the light of day. :)

Two weekends ago (or was it three?) I attended my cousin Michelle's birthday party. I whipped up a pair of birthday cards because Darren was going to his grandmother's birthday party that same day.

Nothing too fancy- just some ribbon framing some pattern paper and a little punched butterfly with some bling. Bling makes everything better. :)

Some photos from the party- the birthday girl got a sweet new cell phone!

My brother and I being goofy while Mom had my camera.

My Dad, uncle Mike, and my brother watching silly videos on Mike's laptop.

I love this shot- Michelle's brother Jake was programming her phone for her.

My brother worked in the wood shop the night before and all day the day of the party making the coolest box for Michelle.

I stayed overnight at Mom and Dad's, and since I've been sleeping in a recliner ever since they loaned me the one that I turned into a marshmallow (by adding a down comforter to it), they brought one into my bedroom for me.

And, finally, this is my brother in the new shirt I bought him while I was there. 5 bucks at Wal-Mart can certainly buy some big smiles. :)

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mamasan said...

It was a fun time. Pretty photos too. :-) I rocked myself to sleep in marshmallow #2 the other night. I think we'll just leave it in your room for good. :-)