Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cruise Mini

I've been hinting for a while about a major project I was working on, and I'm finally getting it posted. I made a mini album full of photos and ephemera from my family's cruise to the Bahamas.

It was a fun project and kept me occupied during the first week or so I was recovering from surgery- back when I couldn't stand up for very long. For such a small book, it really took a long time to finish!

I used papers and embellishments from the Scarlet Lime June 2009 kit along with bits and pieces I picked up along the way (brochures, maps, and even gum wrappers!).

The cover is from a used Star Wars hardcover book that I picked up for next to nothing at the secondhand store down the street from my house- I thought it had a cool title for a cruise album. I cut the pages out of it (they will be scanned in- more on that in another post!) and used a Crop a Dile to punch holes for the binder rings.

To make things simple, I printed all my photos as 4x6 prints. Some of them I backed with patterned paper, some I glued back to back to make a two-sided photo page, and some I cropped down to place on a larger page or use in a collage.

I included lots of little bits that I picked up along the trip- a bag from buying candy at Cracker Barrel (and some of the gum wrappers because I'm now totally addicted to Teaberry gum), pieces of tourist maps and brochures, and some items I collected from cruise newsletters and paperwork. There is even some Bahamian currency included.

The journaling is a very straightforward list of what we did each day of the cruise. It's written on a small-ish tag that is punched and placed on the binder rings just like the rest of the pages. I didn't worry about uniform page sizes- I really like the interesting look you get when they're all mixed up.

As you can see, the book got a bit chunky, but for the most part I managed to keep it contained in the binding.

I've always loved mini albums, but for some reason I also find them intimidating. It was quite satisfying to finish this one.

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