Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Building a Light Box

Today's post will feature the return of my scrapbook layouts. Not just mini albums or cards or little projects, but actual layouts.

Like this one from my Dad's birthday a couple of years ago (hi, Dad!).

For the longest time I was moving and had no time to scrap, and now I have time to scrap and have made a LOT of pages, but I was never happy with any of the photos I took of them. Unfortunately I don't have a wonderful place in my house with all kinds of great natural light that I can set them up and photograph them, so I did the next best thing and built a light box.

It looks a little like this. Actually, a lot like this. Okay, okay, so it looks exactly like this.

It's constructed of CPVC pipe and connectors, a white bed sheet, and a BUNCH of lamps (containing 100w equivalent CF bulbs) that I pilfered from around the house. You can find the instructions here if you want to build your own. I changed the dimensions up to make mine large enough to photograph a set of 2 12x12 pages.

I needed something to attach the pages to, so Darren came to the rescue with a length of scrap metal and some cable ties (I swear those things are more useful than duct tape). The metal is tied to the top rail of the box, and then I use some teeny tiny (yet freakishly strong) neodymium magnets to hold it in place.

See? It doesn't take much magnet to hold it up, and they get cropped out of the final photo.

I'm still working on ways to get the camera angle completely straight on the layout when it's hung. Part of the problem is that the bottom outside edges of the pages are not anchored and have a tendency to bow slightly backward. The other part of the problem is that I hold the camera a little crooked because I still don't own a tripod. I'm working on that. :)

Still, I'm pretty happy with the results as they are a lot better than the layout photos I used to take!

Here's another example of a page I photographed in the box and then edited in Picasa. Editing involves cropping and straightening and adjusting the white balance if necessary.

Hopefully this is the first post in a major scrapping comeback for me. I should have plenty of time this weekend since I have knee surgery on Friday. AGAIN! They have to clean some stuff out from last time. Joy. :(

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mamasan said...

Love your mini-studio set up! So very cool...and your pages are wonderful, as well.