Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Post Brought To You By The Number 10...

And by 10, I mean $10.

Remember a couple of weekends ago when my parents visited and brought me the marshmallow (the recliner that I covered with a down comforter) and happened to be here when the goodie box they'd mailed to me arrived?

This awesome goodie box?

Well, amongst the candy and lovelies in the box, there was an envelope containing $10. I made it my mission to make that $10 go as far as possible and have some fun with it.

Look at the pile I ended up with!!!

So cool! Here is the breakdown:

  • Making Memories Autumn Splendor Journaling Book- this was $2.50 after using a 50% off coupon at Michael's.
  • 3 pack of Distress Stickles- $3.89 after using a 40% off coupon at Michael's
  • 2 packs of Halloween paper- $2 for both at the Target Dollar Spot. My cousin got these for her birthday, and I thought they were adorable and went and got some for myself!
  • 1 package of autumn chipboard letters and die cuts- $1 at the Target Dollar Spot
So, my total was $9.39 ($10.15 with tax) for that whole pile! I can't wait to start playing with them.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. :)

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mamasan said...

Wow! so much for so little $$. I am amazed...great shopping! Please post the pretties that come. :-)