Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scrap Room Part 3: The Beginning of the End

I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the new scrap room move-in. It's been a HUGE undertaking because I've been sorting and organizing and purging along the way. I now have a nice sized box of things to put in the next yard sale that the scrapbook store has.

I've also seen that I have waaaaaaaay too much stuff, so with the exception of the new Basic Grey papers I'm going to try to not buy any more scrapping stuff through the end of the year. Is anyone else finding that they have too much? Anyone else want to join me in not shopping or at least cutting back?

As of the time I took these photos (which was the week before last, right before I left for the cruise) here is how the room looked:

Still some stuff in the floor, no guest bed yet, and a few things like the plastic drawers that are not yet in their final resting places. Oh, and no curtains yet- the rod has to be hung first.

I did get the pom-poms (from this lovely Etsy shop) and paper lanterns arranged and hung. I LOVE it!!! I haven't done the paper garland yet- that's a project I'll probably work on while recovering from knee surgery.

The whole arrangement is hung over my desk, so I see it all the time. That back left corner (by the closet door) could use a little something else. I may stick another paper lantern in there.

The Expedit is nearly full now- good thing I bought the big one! I love that it has storage space on top for my stereo (I've had that thing since high school, maybe before- it was a gift from my parents) and those cute glass seahorses that I got for Christmas (also from my parents).

All my completed/in progress albums are along the top. Paper and cardstock take up the next row and a half. The rest of the unit is books, empty albums, supplies, and some miscellaneous embellishments. I'll take photos of all my different organization and storage methods and do a big post once it's finally together.

And what's this?!? And actual scrapping project? Why, yes it is!! It's a little something I'm working on based on my recent Bahamas trip. It's a bit of a cross between a Janet Hopkins project I've tried before and an Elise Blaha project I wanted to try. I'll post more details when its done.

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