Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Have I Been: The Bahamas Edition

Yes, I have been gone for a long time, but I have a good excuse- I had no access to the internet for almost a week!

I had no access because I was here, in a van with my whole family driving to Jacksonville, FL to take a cruise to the Bahamas!

And I was here on the boat as we left port- the tail only cleared the bridge by 7 FEET!!

And I was eating waaaay too much good food.

And finding cute towel animals in my stateroom every night.

And trying to avoid this glass elevator because heights freak me out. It was really pretty, though.

And spending lots and lots of time doing my favorite cruise activity- sitting in a deck chair reading a book. I picked up a copy of Star Wars: Abyss the day after it came out and then had the discipline to not start reading it before the cruise. It was good. :)

And looking at gorgeous sunsets at sea and taking lots of photos of them with Dad.

And playing on this water slide. I have video of that thanks to my new waterproof digital camera!

Did I mention the food?

And the snorkeling off Half Moon Cay (also with the waterproof digital camera).

And exploring rocky beaches, also in Half Moon Cay.

And fish-watching through a glass-bottomed boat in Nassau.

And shopping in Nassau, both at the Straw Market and a local grocery store (local grocery stores are a favorite port activity of mine).

And gorgeous sunsets in port.

And learning how to make those cute towel animals with Mom. I even bought the book. :)

And playing "hurricane" mini golf because the wind on the Sports Deck was really, really strong while the ship was moving. It was still fun, though!

I arrived back at home Thursday night and went right back to work on Friday. Saturday and Sunday were spent working on the our old house cleaning it up and getting ready for the realtor to come look at it on Tuesday. It should be on the market soon!

I'm at T minus 4 days until knee surgery. I expect there will be a little lull in blogging later this week, but then I'll have some time in recovery where I should be able to get some posts up. I have scrap room photos from before the cruise that I want to get posted, and I made a ton of progress on it this weekend and need to get that photographed and posted, as well. And then I should be able to get back to scrapping for real!

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