Friday, July 3, 2009

The Transformers "Experience"...and the rest of the weekend, too.

Last weekend I went to see this movie on the IMAX in Nashville...

Ohmygosh, just GO AND SEE IT ALREADY!! Turn your brain off, sit back, and just have fun with it. I mean, you've got explosions, lots of people running around, and multi-story alien robots doing kung fu on top of the pyramids in Egypt. And in downtown Shanghai. And in a few other places (dude, the scene in the kitchen was hilarious...that was one evil Dyson). Oh, and the slow-motion extraction of a Decepticon skeleton is just insanely mind-blowing to watch- the whole thing is pure eye candy.

One sequence is filmed in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, and for some reason (I think it was all the adrenaline from the previous hour and a half of running and robots) I felt like jumping up and screaming "I've been there...I have pictures from there!!!" But I restrained myself. But it did remind me that I need to post those Smithsonian photos here sometime soon.

The rest of the weekend was somewhat less, ummm, huge (the IMAX is a 5 story tall screen), but still fun. I visited Mom and Dad while I was in town and spent the night there. I bequeathed a 19" flat panel monitor that I'm no longer using to my Dad, and now he has a cool dual-screen setup. :)

The IMAX theather in Nashville is in Opry Mills mall, which houses some other cool stores. One of my favorites is Bass Pro Shops. I'm not a fisher or a hunter, but I love any store that has aquariums inside.

I also love any store that actually puts rifles on clearance. And all the ammo is quite cool, too.

My other favorite store is the Apple Barn. They make the best fried pies I have ever had. I think I've had dreams about those things!

As usual, there were lots of things blooming around Mom and Dad's place. The lighting was not the best for photography, but I took a few photos anyway just to document what they had blooming in June.

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mamasan said...

LOL, you make me want to see the movie!! You should be a paid critic...they get to see movies for free. :-)

Love the other photos, you always make the place look so pretty. :-)