Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Star Wars and Scrapbooking (and yes, they are related)

Just some random notes on the weekend...

  • The last two sneak peeks from Basic Grey are up- they really have some gorgeous stuff coming out this summer

  • I picked up a few Star Wars books in hardcover at the used bookstore that's just down the street from me. They were only $4 each, and they will be used to make junk binders like these on Janet Hopkins' blog (see, I told you that the Star Wars and the scrapbooking would be related!).
  • Looking at that stack of books reminds me of the good old days when Star Wars books in hardcover were almost always over 300 pages in length, and some of them were over 600! The latest one, Omen (the one on top that I will not be making a binder of) is only 236 pages. :(
  • I also got a copy of Brisingr in hardback for $5. I picked up Eldest for the same price a few weeks ago. Now I just need to run across a copy of Eragon there and I can start reading them.
  • Went to Bridge Street to the farmers' market again on Saturday. Darren entered the door prize drawing and won a gift card to the Westin Spa, which he gave to me. :)
  • Also took a peek in Anthropologie and nearly fell over when I saw the shower curtains on clearance that I've been wanting to use as regular curtains in the scrap room. Two of them came home with me- aren't they beautiful? I really can't wait to get this room put together!
  • Also at Anthro, I found this adorable apron. I'll never cook in it- I'm too afraid I'll get it dirty- but it will look pretty hanging on a hook somewhere. I might even wear it once in a while. (The picture is from the Anthro web site and really does not do it justice.)

  • Finally, I unpacked my suitcase from my trip last week...some relics of my trip to Boston. I had fun at IKEA, visited JoAnn (since we don't have one in Huntsville), shopped at Trader Joe's, and I made a trip to Michael's, as well (yummy new Amy Butler paper). :) Oh, and we can't forget lunches at Chipotle and dinners at Legal Seafood. I might have done just a little work in between all of that.


mamasan said...

Somebody had a fun weekend! The shower curtain is gorgeous! I didn't realize you got the apron too...good for you! Great buy on the gotta be happy with your weekend--very sweet all in all!

I really do adore the shower curtain fabric...really, very muchly, absolutely, oh it's just so pretty...sigh...

Jen said...

That shower curtain is fabulous! ;D

O said...

Hi :) thanks so much for the comment you left @ my blog about my DD album! It made me smile! You've got a great blog - great name too! I'm a bit of a Star Wars fan. Enjoy your week~