Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Pool Party

I'm such a geek that I even take my camera (and the massive 70-200 lens) to the pool! These photos are from my nephew's birthday party almost two weeks ago.

I did leave the camera with a semi-responsible adult for a while so I could play with the kids. :)

I just had to include this one- the expression on her face cracks me up!! (Sorry!!)

Mike got a Nintendo DS for his birthday, so we got him a MarioKart game for it. It's so not fair- DS games are so much cheaper than Wii games!!! Oh, well, I still love my Wii. :)

I'd be pretty excited if I got Star Wars Legos, too. :)

Side note- I'm in Boston this week and passed the Lego store in the mall last night. The Lego Death Star was calling my name, I tell you!

And this is baby Penelope, who I think got held by almost everyone there (except me, because I was lugging a camera that weighs about as much as she does!). Oh, and the Penny/Desmond/Lost references were definitely being made. :)

Penny's big sister, Scout.

And these are obviously not from the pool, but I did take these at lunch after church on Sunday. It was Mike's first sushi, and he actually liked it so much that he wanted seconds!

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Yea!!! These are great! Thank you!!!