Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basic Grey Eye Candy

Of all the sneak peeks and new releases that are coming out of CHA this year, the new lines from BasicGrey have to be my absolute favorites. I was so excited this morning when I discovered that they've already updated their web site with all the new papers, and I decided to post them all here in one easy-to-scroll-through listing.

Plus, my Mom has been cleaning her basement for the last week and a half or so, and I think she'd enjoy something pretty to look at this morning. Hi, Mom!! Love you. :)

I'll say a bit about what I think about each line, and then I'll let the images speak for themselves for the rest of this post.
  • Indian Summer- this is my favorite of the four new lines, probably because those colors are just gorgeous!
  • Eerie- I love Halloween, and I love BG's take on Halloween paper.
  • Eskimo Kisses- BG always has a great line of Christmas paper, and I love the non-traditional colors in this line.
  • Nook and Pantry- I have to admit that this line is really far outside of my usual color and design preferences, but as I was looking through it, I saw so many patterns that would go well with photos that I have of my grandmother and great-grandmother when they were younger (and when my Dad was a kid). I think I will be scanning and reprinting many of those photos and scrapping them with this line.
And, on with the paper...

Indian Summer


Eskimo Kisses

Nook and Pantry


mamasan said...

Basic Grey does not miss a beat--even the collection names (Eskimo Kisses) are creatively spot on. Their stuff is just fun to look at, and I still say some would lend quite well to lovely wallpaper! the real kind, that goes on actual walls.

And thank you so much, as my little friend in England likes to say, I was "well and truly" in need of a color fix in a bad way!!! And if I'd a penny for every bit of dust!! But in contrast, I'd thought the upup was out of order, but now it looks quite pristine by comparison. lol

Wish I could have a whole pack of the cupcake paper, and that little deer looks ever so much like Bambi, or is it a very young Rudolph I’m thinking of? so cute either way. Basic Grey does so well on the non-traditional Christmas that they make me want to decorate something! And yes, they make Halloween fun, too. Loved the banners last year. In that regard, I’ve unearthed one aged foam jack-o-lantern, kinda wop-headed (literally) but can’t bear to toss it…any takers?

Lovely stuff all, and I so agree about the colors of Indian Summer. Yummy.

Jen said...

Basic Grey has got to be the best paper ever! Definitely my fave! TFS!