Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom's Birthday

I've had some photos from a couple of weekends last month on my computer just waiting to be shared. I've been spending a lot of time packing, moving, and getting the new/old house plus a rental house ready, so it's been just a little crazy!!

I did take time out to go see my parents over Mom's birthday weekend. It happened to be at the same time as Ali Edwards posted an article about documenting a Weekend in the Life, much like the Week in the Life project she walked through last year. I took a TON of photos over the weekend of everything the family did. I think I'll be putting together a mini-album of some sort with them all...once I've unearthed my scrapping supplies!

I just can't go to Mom and Dad's in the spring or summer without taking some pictures of the spectacular flowers in the garden. There's always something new in bloom!

Yummy fresh cherries straight off the tree!

Saturday we took Mom to lunch at Cracker Barrel. They gave her this yummy cherry chocolate ice cream thing!

And then we had to pick up a few things at Wal-Mart (whatever would we do without Wal-Mart?!?!).

Including some pretty roses for Mom. :)

There had been a lot of rain the week before, and the creek was pretty far up out of its banks.

We all talked with J on Google Chat for a while so he could give Mom her birthday present. He's coming home from Iraq next month!!

I made cupcakes instead of one big birthday cake. I hadn't make cupcakes in a really long time!

On Sunday morning we went back to Wal-Mart because Mom had seen some trees on clearance in the plant center. She bought a river birch, and I bought two dwarf weeping cherry trees for the yard.

Can you believe that I actually squeezed in some time to scrapbook among all this activity?

Mom, Beth, and I took a fabric and scrapbook shopping excursion to JoAnn.

And then Mom and I stopped at Books A Million so I could check for a Stargate book I've been trying to find. We also checked out the gardening magazines and found a section of home and gardening books on clearance (most of them were $5). We brought a few of them home with us. :)

We baked up a pizza that we'd picked up from Papa Murphy's, and I made my version of a Sonic Blast (with M&Ms!) for desert.

Shortly before I left to go back home, I helped get the trees situated in a temporary home until Mom can plant hers and until I can take mine back to Alabama and plant them there.

We sure know how to pack in the activities, don't we? :)

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