Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in Pearlington

Willowbrook took its 37th and last (planned) trip to Pearlington, MS over Memorial day weekend. I think it was my 8th or 9th trip down, and I was very happy to have been able to take my cousin Michelle along with me this time.

It was a fun and eventful trip, even before we pulled out of the driveway. When Michelle and I opened the back of Jennifer's van, everything just kind of tumbled out onto the concrete (and we stood there laughing!).

On the way down I was able to introduce everyone to Chipotle when we stopped in Tuscaloosa for lunch. I luuuuurve their steak soft tacos!

I think Michelle liked it, too...

But Meg was not impressed.

Then we trekked on toward Pearlington, making another stop in Picayune, MS to catch up with the group at Paul's Pastry. I love this store. I love the baklava. I love the yummy pastries.

When we finally arrived in Pearlington, we were greeted by Steve Cooper. And a crab trap. Apparently it fell off a boat he was driving behind (I'm sure the boat was being towed, otherwise it would just be too weird) and he stopped to pick it up. That's Steve for you. :)

The whole group, some from Willowbrook and many from Renown Ministries, headed over to Tommy and Janet Dawson's house for a crawfish boil. Tommy and Janet's family is one of the first that our group met in Pearlington, and I have pictures of this house after it had to be ripped down to the studs after Katrina. It's really come a very long way since then. They've decked in the back and added a pool, and we spent pretty much every night there after working.

I'm not sure what Michelle thought of the live crawfish. :)

Sooooo yummy! I love the mushrooms especially.

And it was Jared's birthday, so his mom brought a cake for him.

And then we went back to the bunks for the night.

The next day we put grout in a shower at Tommy and Janet's. It. Took. All. Day. But it looked so good when it was finished.

Errrr, and that night part of the group went to New Orleans and forgot we were still over at the Dawson's, so we just ended up sleeping there. It's okay, they have nice guest rooms. :)

Sunday and Monday we worked at Terry and Rita's house, painting, varnishing cabinets, caulking and painting trim, and installing tile. Michelle even learned to use a tile saw!

Sunday evening we had a potluck dinner with many of the families that we've helped in the community.

And then we somehow all ended up over at Tommy and Janet's again. Hmmm, wonder how that happened? ;)

It's been a fun group to work with, and a great experience. I will miss going down there, but on the other hand I have to admit, I'm ready to work on my own house for a while!

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