Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IKEA Expedit

Today I want to talk about the amazing, versatile IKEA Expedit. I have been looking at the one pictured below online for about a year, and I've decided that I definitely need one for the scrapbooking room. I finally got to see them in person last week during my trip to Boston, and they are very sturdy and as attractive in person as they are on the IKEA web site.
Then there's this one, which is actually meant to hold a television. I have plans to put my terrarium in it instead and place it in the living room to provide some storage for books and DVDs.
What I didn't realize until just a few weeks ago is just how many varieties of this bookcase IKEA makes. The one I want to get is 5x5, but they also have this 4x4 one...

I've seen pictures of this 2x4 version mounted on the wall...
And this one with all the different size cubbies, perfect for storing media or just as a little display area.
This cutie would actually make a nice end table...
And I could see this one in a corner somewhere, being unobtrusive.

And then there are the people who "hack" the Expedit. No, seriously, there is a whole website dedicated to people who find novel and alternate uses for IKEA products.

I totally love this idea- putting the Expedit on a metal frame to place the top of it at ceiling level. Look at all the storage space you get underneath!

And they are really quite sturdy- they have to be to hold people's vinyl record album collections, as seen here and here.

Or you can stack several of them, as shown here, and make your own customized bookcase.

This idea is probably my favorite- the Expedit used as a room divider. The storage is then easily accessible from both sides.

So, that's my rambling for the day. I think that I'm hoping that by cataloging all of my ideas here, I'll actually remember a few of them when it comes time to work on some projects around the house. :)

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Ivypink said...

Hey there ;) I was just at ikea yesterday in search for a chair & I went down to the as is section and I saw a pink expidit for only 50 bucks! But ugh I seriously do not have not even an inch of space to put it in! I love the look with the TV ;) thanks for visiting the blog! I love your "monkey" guy so cute ;)