Friday, June 26, 2009

Floors and Doorknobs

My two latest obsessions. Actually, I've always been obsessed with floors- they're usually my favorite part of the room to work on.

Unfortunately, I can't always make up my mind as to what I want to do with them. Last week I wanted to paint mine white. This week I want to refinish them with a super glossy finish like these guys did on Project Rowhouse. Below are before (well, after sanding) and after photos of their old, restored flooring.

Pretty amazing looking, aren't they?!? I originally found their blog while looking for posts of IKEA cabinet installations. They used IKEA cabinets in their kitchen, and they look great!

Then there are the doorknobs. I LOVE old, vintage-y looking glass doorknobs. I don't necessarily want to use actual vintage knobs, though- the hardware can be difficult to match up on a modern door.

Anthropologie has some AMAZING doorknobs on their site, and the prices are not *too* outrageous (about $38 a set).

I think that this one- the Tea House Doorknob in Clear Antique Silver- is my absolute favorite of the bunch.

There are so many pretty ones, though! Like this Whipped Glass Doorknob...
Or the Inlaid Pearl Doorknob...
If the Elexia Flower Doorknob were available in clear glass, it would probably be my favorite.
And last but not least, the Globe Doorknob. For some reason it makes me think of all things Arthurian and Merlin-esque.

Sooooo many choices, but with such pretty things to choose from, how can you go wrong?


Jon said...

Thanks for the kind words, Scrappy!

I agree about the glass/vintage doorknobs - fantastic. If you decide you have the patience, you can pick them up at salvage type stores for much cheaper (and despite the hardware issues, you can say - 'those are bona fide old timey knobs i've got there')

Also, we just picked up an Expedit like you show below! We went with the black/brown color and I'll be bloggin about it soon!

Vicki said...

Hopped over here from 2peas-- gotta say I have a thing for glass and vintage doorknobs too!

they make such a difference in a house!

mamasan said... very pretty--I adore glass doorknobs. And how can you go wrong whether painting or sand and poly? You will make it lovely.

(the project rowhouse floors are wonderful)