Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some actual scrapbooking!!

It's been quite a while since I got any actual scrapbooking done. First I was busy editing and uploading photos to be printed (I had coupon codes for 330 free 4x6 prints and wanted to take advantage of them), and now I'm busy getting one rental house ready for renters to move into, my current house ready to sell, and waiting for the renters to move out of my other rental house so I can move into it.

Confusing? Maybe just a little. :)

Somewhere in the middle of it all I've been able to do a bit of an online class I wanted to take- Christy Tomlinson's Eye for Design- Color Creative. Luckily it's a self-paced, online class with downloadable PDF content- basically a series of color combinations and some tips on how to pull elements together. I have some trouble combinding patterned papers if they aren't all from the same line, and this has really helped me figure out how to mix and match paper between lines and manufacturers. And it's actually got me scrapping, so that in and of itself is worth it!

I have several more pages that I've started that are half-finished (meaning paper and photos but no embellishments yet). Hopefully I'll get some time to finish those next week.

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mamasan said...

Wow, that's a span of good memories--such great pages!

And such adorable puppies. Oh they were huggably cute! Claire and Maddison are 6 now--can you believe it? And Claire's belly still hangs low, lol.