Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

Saturday was a day that made me feel kind of old, at least for a little bit. I remember when this guy, my cousin, Jake, was born, and now he's 15!

I'm not sure if it made my brother feel old or not- he "attended" via a phone call from Baghdad (2 more months and he's home!!).

This is Michelle, Jake's younger sister (though not younger by very much!). I remember when she was born, too...

Jake's big gift was a cell phone- he'd been bugging his parents for one forever, so they bought him a nifty Samsung Alias (I have one and love it). I *think* I got the first text message in to it. :)

Some of my family members don't like to be photographed, so this plate mask got passed around. This is actually my aunt Tina. If nothing else, the plate serves as a great spot to check white balance. :)

And Dad, who was actually the first to use the mask. :)

Okay, so this is the part where I didn't feel so old anymore. But, ugh, what bad form!! What happened to knees together, toes pointed, and arms under control? I must have been trying not to bounce the kids too much.

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mamasan said...

Yes, and I remember when you were born!! lol so I must feel very, very old! nah, I'll wait a while longer. :-)

you should have had a really good camera (or is that lens??) a LOT sooner!